It’s business as usual for us here at OceanWeb HQ!

Plans are in place to ensure full service continuity, regardless of new developments with COVID-19.

Keeping you connected is important to us – even more so in times like these. 

We have been providing remote satcom and network support for 20+ years so you are in safe hands!

Remote support is provided via the following steps:

  • One of our FIXT!* remote support mini PCs is sent to you with our pre-installed monitoring software
  • Our Engineers will call you to talk you through connecting this into your network
  • Notifications will be set up to make us aware of any network issues immediately
  • We can begin working on a resolution often before you even notice there is an issue

We can provide you with remote access to the network if you are required to leave your vessel due to quarantine regulations.

*FIXT! Is our Proactive Network Monitoring Service. We configure a FIXT! MicroPC to monitor any number of core IP services and it notifies us the moment there is an issue on board. This allows us to be both pro-active and reactive.  We could, for example, monitor when a FBB is activated, when a certain volume of data is reached, or if a wireless access point fails.

Email or call +44 1624 834904 to learn more.

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Business as usual!