IT Support clients can now benefit from our newly developed FIXT! Network Monitoring service.

FIXT! requires the installation of a mini-PC that allows us to monitor off-vessel connections, on board networks, hardware and AV systems from our Network Operations Centre. Using this system, we can proactively detect faults, enabling us to rectify problems remotely before they are noticed by crew and guests.

Our engineers can view the health of your connections in real-time. The interface visualises data usage on board so that we can identify weaknesses and pinpoint data ‘hogs’.

We can use FIXT! to maintain the network, perform updates and ensure backups run smoothly with no disruption to crew machines. The system also provides us with an in-depth understanding of your vessel’s network & systems so we can support you quickly and efficiently; vastly improving the end user experience for your crew, guests and owners.

For more information about this service, please contact us.