Time to Change your VSAT provider?

OceanWeb Engineers VSAT


We can provide:

Multiple satellite beams

Flexible bandwidth options

Automatic Beam Switching (ABS)

Flexible pricing structures & duration

We can also offer week-long contracts

Up to 9 months lay-up



We supply a wide range of airtime packages, as well as bespoke solutions.

We pride ourselves on customer service, fast performance, outstanding support and flexible contracts and can supply speeds up to 50Mbps

over 80+ beams, providing near global coverage.

We work with the leading five Airtime Providers to ensure we can tailor a plan to suit your requirements.

Time to change your VSAT provider?

If you’re feeling adventurous, we also offer full VSAT coverage for the Northwest Passage! Email sales@oceanweb.com to find out more.

So, Is it time to change your VSAT provider?