You’re in safe hands!

You're in safe hands

You can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with OceanWeb. We are experts in remote working and can offer all the assistance that you require during this period of uncertainty.

Our team can set you up with a number of applications to ensure you stay connected to your family, friends and colleagues.

Here are just a few examples:
Microsoft Teams

Should you require remote access to a specific device on board your vessel, our friendly team of technical wizards can get you connected!

If you require remote access to the entire network on board or if  you would like us to have access for remote monitoring of CCTV/PBX/Servers and Idea/Work Stations etc., we can set up our FIXT remote support service by supplying a mini PC with our monitoring software pre-installed. Our friendly engineers will then give you a call to talk you through connecting to your network.

Why not give us a call to talk through your requirements? Call +44 1624 834904 or email

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You’re in safe hands

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