IT Support Contracts

Seamless superyacht IT support used by vessels worldwide.

We provide a wide range of specialist superyacht IT support and networking services, onsite and remotely, to ensure the smooth operation of all your onboard IT infrastructure.

IT Support Contract

Here’s what’s included in our IT support contracts.

1. Proactive & Reactive Support

Through FIXT!, our in-house network monitoring system, we can detect faults before they become disasters. We provide both proactive and reactive remote support for your network and devices, ensuring performance onboard is always working at its maximum potential. 

2. OceanDocs

OceanDocs provides a secure and centralised IT documentation system that stores valuable and comprehensive information about your vessel’s network. The offering is collaborative in nature, ensuring everyone has the most up to date network information, particularly useful for rotational crews and charter vessels.
Superyacht IT Support Contract

3. OceanBackup

Benefit from stress-free data protection with secure & scalable backups. OceanBackup unifies your data, providing a centralised backup solution, allowing you to view all backups in one location, eliminating scattered data.


4. OceanDefence

Protect your onboard network and devices and navigate the digital seas with confidence via OceanDefence. Our solution includes industry-leading antivirus to protect all onboard devices from malware and online attacks.

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Excellent service and completely up to date. I would not set sail without them onboard. It’s like having a remote ETO.”
Captain of S/Y Rosehearty

“Being in the Med, across the Atlantic or in the Caribbean, the support of Oceanweb has been second to none.
Captain of M/Y Surpina