Bandwidth Management

The purpose of bandwidth management is to measure and control the traffic passing through your network link. By doing this, we can prevent network congestion and poor performance, at the same time maintaining your access to the internet at sea. Here at OceanWeb, we understand that a fast, stable internet connection is essential for everyone on board the yacht, and so we’re committed to securing the most reliable service for your vessel.

Why is our internet so slow? Who is using all the bandwidth? Why does the internet keep dropping out at sea? Do these questions sound familiar? Don’t worry you’re not alone, they’re common complaints on yachts globally. If you’re looking for the answers to some of these questions, or to stop them being asked at all, then you’ve come to the right place.

Bandwidth and data are expensive, which is why it’s important to have visibility over your data availability and where it’s being used. We then use traffic shaping to make sure your bandwidth is available for essential services, as and when your need them. This is the very essence of bandwidth management.

Bandwidth Management

How We Can Help

Our team of expert engineers have the knowledge to install systems that can manage bandwidth across all your off-vessel connections. With this setup, we will continue to monitor your usage remotely and provide the following services on an ongoing basis:


  • Content blocking and filtering to manage your traffic, thus redirecting bandwidth away from social media, etc.
  • Advanced anti-virus software, which will limit exposure in BYOD environments
  • Load balancing in order to make maximise bandwidth use efficiency
  • Create device and user quotas so that we can monitor and control activity

High Availability Kerio Control Units

We recognise the importance of network reliability and stability and as such offer hardware redundancy in the form of dual high availability Kerio control units. This setup builds redundancy into your system, which will ensure that failure of a single component does not result in failure of your entire system.

With high availability protection you eliminate the risk of low connectivity and threat-protection downtime, and thus the associated costs. If a crash or failure does occur, the second Kerio control unit will jump into action immediately. This provides you with continuous connection and minimum downtime, if any at all.

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