We supply, install, service and maintain a wide range of VSAT hardware and our SeaTel, Sailor, Intellian and KVH trained engineers ensure that installs are completed correctly and to the highest standard.

Using our top-of-the-range diagnostic equipment we are able to accurately calculate RF cable and connector loss, enabling us to ensure you receive the best connection possible.

We also supply a wide range of airtime packages, as well as bespoke airtime solutions and can provide VPN, Smart DNS and VoIP services

We pride ourselves on customer service, fast performance and flexible contracts and can supply speeds up to 30Mbps over 35+ beams providing near global coverage.

We can choose from our network of airtime providers to tailor a package to meet your specific needs and we offer full flexibility, from bandwidth and pricing structures, to lay up periods and contract duration.

We can also boost your service so you use higher-speeds when the owner and guests are on board and we provide:

⋅ Multiple satellite beams
⋅ Flexible bandwidth options
⋅ Flexible pricing structures & duration
⋅ Automatic Beam Switching (ABS)
⋅ Geofencing services

Iridium hardware and services that we can supply include but are not limited to:

⋅ Satellite phones
⋅ Iridium Pilot
⋅ Iridium tracking services
⋅ Voice and data plans
⋅ Global coverage

We can fully register, configure and administer InmarsatC (SatC) and GMDSS services and can provide:

⋅ LRIT compliance testing
⋅ A Letter Of Guarantee (LOG)
⋅ SSAS systems and routing
⋅ Updates to existing SatC installations

Fleetbroadband is a reliable back up communications system. Hardware and services that we can supply include but are not limited to:

⋅ Global coverage (ex. polar regions)
⋅ Streaming & Background
⋅ IP data

“Being in the Med, Across the Atlantic or in the Caribbean, the support of OceanWeb has been second to none, bringing on board the worldwide connection we live on!”

– Horacio Carabelli, Captain of MY Surpina

4G & GSM

We provide high volume global roaming SIM cards meaning that you can roam seamlessly between countries without having to manage multiple SIMs or activate regional plans.

We can supply up to 10TB of roaming data per month on flexible contracts and offer full support, administration and monitoring services.

We also offer bandwidth aggregation / bonding to further increase internet speeds and can start and stop the 4G data service upon request – particularly useful for layup periods.

We can provide you with multiple SIMs that share a single, large pool of high speed data. Several 4G routers can then connect to this pool and data can be allocated amongst your connected devices meaning less data wastage, more bandwidth and easier management.

We provide, support and administer over 100 UK Vodafone SIMs and, using our in-office stock , we are able to produce a contract and have the activated SIM delivered to you within 3 working days.

The plans we offer present outstanding roaming value and allow you to work anytime, anywhere with our engineers at your side providing support and assistance as required.

We developed our OMDO amplifier to boost 4G signal at sea, enabling a strong service which has been tested up to 40km offshore.

The OMDO can take up to four 4G routers and combines into two MIMO omni-directional external antennas, reducing cabling and external hardware.

The OMDO boosts the signal before passing it through to your 4G router where it is then amplified and sent back to the mobile tower.

“Dr. Ben and his team have been a part of my yachting life for over 13 years and knowing that OceanWeb have our back is a comforting thought. They monitor, from afar, and keep our hardware safe and our crew informed – peace of mind worth every penny. I wholeheartedly recommend OceanWeb to any and all yachts that have AV and IT equipment”

– Robert Johnston, Captain of SY Fidelis


We can install a gateway to manage off vessel connections and provide:

⋅ Content blocking, filtering & monitoring
⋅ Advanced anti-virus
⋅ Defined hours for certain content i.e. Social Media to increase productivity
⋅ Individual logins to set caps and monitor activity & usage

The gateway also allows ‘load-balancing’, whereby you can connect to VSAT, 4G and Marina WiFi at the same time (plus several additional WAN connections such as shore LAN or extra 4G routers) to effectively increase your bandwidth.

This feature is also helpful when we are providing technical support as we can login remotely over, for example, 4G to enable us to work on your VSAT.

“My relationship with OceanWeb has spanned many Commands and New Builds. I find their service and immediate response to any needs and concerns very refreshing in this age. Excellent service and completely up to date. I would not set sail without them onboard. It’s like having a remote ETO.”

– David Hutchinson, Captain of SY Rosehearty


We are committed to providing specialist IT support to ensure the smooth operation of your IT infrastructure.

Our dedicated support engineers are on duty to quickly identify and resolve any issues.

Key features are:

⋅ Management, repair & upgrade of systems
⋅ Comprehensive remote & on-site support
⋅ On board & remote back-up systems

We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise with a set email ‘package’ that imposes restrictions and limits.

Instead, we work closely with you to develop a bespoke and scalable system.

Our core elements are:

⋅ Design & Configuration
⋅ Management & Support
⋅ Protection & Security

We can design and develop responsive websites, ensuring that look, feel and usability are identical, no matter what device the site is viewed on.

We also offer:

⋅ Domain administration
⋅ High quality hosting on dedicated servers
⋅ Website update services

A solid, reliable network is of paramount importance as all AV, Internet and communication services are run over this backbone.

We can offer:

⋅ Network design & consultation
⋅ Full system surveys & documentation
⋅ Application / hardware integration

Our qualified, friendly engineers who hold Cisco, Microsoft, Kerio and Apple certifications can provide full network builds and refits to suit a variety of projects and budgets.

We have been involved in over 40 new-builds and refits and can advise you on logical and reliable network upgrade pathways.

Our core values are trust and integrity. Trust our trained engineers to provide a reliable network that could save costly issues in the future.


We can supply and install a wide range of TVRO hardware and our trained engineers will ensure that the install is completed to the highest standard.
We are also an official re-seller of Sky Offshore, meaning that your service is legitimate and fully supported and enables Sky TV to be brought to your vessel no matter where you are in the Mediterranean. Visit our Sky Offshore website for details.
We can provide and configure IPTV services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV etc.) which can be assigned to certain off vessel connections via the gateway to provide access to a huge library of HD content.

“OceanWeb are great to work with! They are attentive and always strive to make the situation perfect by customizing contracts for every customer. Their after sales service is great and I can highly recommend Dr Hextall and the team!”

– Chris Gartner, Captain of SY Black Pearl


Cyber threats are increasing every year and it is important to ensure that your on board systems, data and connections remain secure. A question we are often asked is “Where do I start?” – We believe a Cyber Security Risk Assessment, which is designed to comply with the IMO Cyber Risk Management Guidelines, is the right place to begin.We categorise any relevant Cyber Security risk and assess the impact of a security breach.

• Establish the data, systems and processes in use
• Identify potential security threats
• Determine the impact if the threat was exercised
• Analyse controls in place for threat prevention
• Determine the likelihood of a breach
• Calculate a risk rating based on the information gathered

The results of this assessment will enable us provide you with recommendations on how to improve protection and minimise threat exposure.

Once the assessment and any remedial works have been completed we carry out the following tests to further analyse network security.

• Network Penetration Testing
Tests poor hardware configuration, weak passwords and physical access.

• Wireless Penetration Testing
Identifies the scope of vunerability by carrying out a variety of monitored attacks.

• Social Engineering Penetration Testing
Simulated, targeted phishing attacks to establish any vulnerabilities followed by feedback on the tests.

We can then provide an ongoing programme of education for the system users on the risks that exist and how to recognise them.

OceanTracker offers numerous safety and security benefits by allowing you to track and monitor the position of your vessel or fleet via SatC and AIS anywhere in the world via an internet browser.

The system is well proven, running on over 10,000 vessels worldwide, using the renowned and reliable technologies of Inmarsat and Iridium.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides mobile device data protection, security, encryption, remote email configuration and remote device wiping in case your device is lost or stolen.

The PAS (Personal Alarm System) can be used with our unique roaming SIM to create an emergency mobile phone, ensuring you have access to around the clock help.

The device can be programmed with three emergency contacts to help maintain safety and reassure family and friends.

“Tamsen has been working with OceanWeb for over 10 years now. They provide VSAT, SatC, Kerio and Tracking services to us and we couldn’t be happier with the level of support we receive. For any on board communication needs, I would recommend Oceanweb.”

– Captain John Zamir, SY Tamsen