Phone Systems

Phone systems are an essential piece of kit on board today’s superyachts, and as such we offer the latest in VoIP technology systems. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol; phone systems which allow international calls to be mate around the vessel. This provides outgoing lines via GSM, satcom, and SIP trunk (external VoIP service) using your existing wired and wireless networks.

  • A single appliance which replaces the need for separate GSM, analogue and VoIP routers.
  • Huge selection of supported VoIP phones/accessories to select from, with auto provisioning
  • Voice, video and messaging are all supported
  • Smartphone operation available via the Softphone app
  • Built in ability to add VoIP accounts from external VoIP providers
  • High availability option using 2nd unit

With the skills and knowledge to supply, install, and configure your new phone system, our engineers are also on hand to provide user training and ongoing technical support. New VoIP installs are available to all our existing clients as well as new builds and refits. Get in touch with the team today to find out more.

PBX phone system
Map of VoIP phone system

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