OceanWeb becomes UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man partner

Apr 21, 2022 | News

OceanWeb is delighted to become a UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man partner.

Becoming a partner means that we are joining over 250 local businesses who are pledging to help:

  • Protect our Islands’ natural resources
  • Develop our economy in a sustainable way
  • Support and promote our cultural heritage
  • Make our environmental impact positive wherever possible
  • Engage with the local community
  • Promote our outstanding living landscape and seascape through active involvement with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man

Find out how we are working towards the above pledge by reading our web entry form below.

OceanWeb are a specialist marine IT and communication company offering solutions to the superyacht industry and covering a range of services from satellite communications, AV systems, onboard networks, cybersecurity, and IT support.

The OceanWeb office was designed with eco-efficiency in mind. The building contains recycled steel, underfloor heating, strong insulation, and energy-efficient LED lightbulbs throughout. Materials are recycled wherever possible and OceanWeb endeavour to limit waste through initiatives like using reusable cups and donating unused office supplies to local primary schools. Printing is limited in the office, documents are filed electronically and the company provide an electronic client signing facility. Local suppliers are utilised for office essentials such as milk which is sourced from Cooil’s Farm.

OceanWeb are a member of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce, working collaboratively with other businesses to ensure sustainable growth on Island, and actively look for and promote sustainable innovation within the industry, whether this be through vessel design, hybrid engines or new composite materials.

The Managing Director has a PhD in Sub-tidal Marine Ecology, is an executive committee member of the Isle of Man Maritime and is Chairman of the Marine Freshwater Group. He uses this platform to promote the interests of marine conservation on the Island and beyond. OceanWeb participate in the annual graduate careers fair which is an excellent opportunity to engage with young adults in the community and nurture homegrown talent.

OceanWeb are proud supporters of the Manx Wildlife Trust and were proud to sponsor the 2021 Festival of the Sea, a family event that highlights the charity’s work and educates the local population about the natural environment and how to help protect it. The team have strong connections to marine biology and understand the importance of conservation in the Irish Sea, so the sponsorship was a natural fit. The team have volunteered at the event in previous years, and there are plans to sponsor the festival again for 2022.

OceanWeb are committed to making a positive environmental impact. In addition to reducing waste, they provide remote IT support to clients wherever possible, limiting the level of travel required by engineers. They also actively promote global and local environmental initiatives such as World Ocean Day. This year OceanWeb are hoping to increase their involvement with local environmental charities such as Beach Buddies. The office is ideally and idyllically placed for staff beach clean-up sessions!