How to watch TV onboard your superyacht.

Jun 25, 2021 | News

For the joy of television

Accessing onboard TV and other entertainment services while at sea be a minefield – understanding which system you need for what channels; what’s accessible in which regions; and if streaming over IP, how to ensure your airtime isn’t being hammered by crew catching up on the latest episode of Below Deck while you’re sending last minute emails before the guests arrive.

Such are the stresses of the superyacht captain, or those out enjoying a charter over the summer months. As half of Europe is currently enthralled by the long-awaited European Championships, we’re all reminded of the joys of watching sporting events with friends. Or, gathering around the big screen to watch that all important final episode of this year’s TV sensation. Giant HD screens, cinema quality audio, and the friendly banter of your nearest and dearest. Nothing unites – or divides – a group quite like the excitement of on-screen entertainment.

Understanding your TV options

So, how do you select the right maritime satellite TV options to keep your guests happy? Especially when you’re trying not to sail out of TV beam footprints or blow your VSAT airtime or 4G budget? How can you prevent the crew chewing up precious bandwidth while your guests are streaming HD movies on Netflix? The answer is simple: you let the experts manage it for you!

With so much to consider – what your guests want to watch, where they intend to travel, what is accessible with your onboard equipment, and most importantly, how to manage your bandwidth distribution – the obvious choice is letting a provider like OceanWeb take that entire headache away from you.

Sky offshore tv services

Experts in entertainment

Here at OceanWeb, we offer a complete entertainment service. From commissioning your connectivity through TVRO, VSAT or 4G hardware, to the supply of HD screens, bandwidth management, and the administration of your subscription services. Whether it’s Sky Offshore, DIRECTV, Kartina, Apple TV, Netflix, or Amazon Prime, we can manage the lot. We take pride in our reputation for making the customer experience as easy as possible. This extends to every aspect of our business and your onboard communications needs. We can source, deliver, and install hardware, remotely manage your connectivity, and maintain everything for you.

In a world where on demand TV has become the norm, it’s vital to provide that same service offshore as your guests expect onshore. Get in touch with the team today to find out how OceanWeb can help you get the onboard TV solutions you’re looking for with the best possible service.