Support through Covid-19

Jul 14, 2020 | News

If you’ve been concerned about getting support during the pandemic, the team at OceanWeb are here to allay your fears. Want to know how we’ve been continuing our first class support? Well, it’s all thanks to the great partnerships we’ve built over the years. We’ve always placed a lot of value in building relationships with our partnership network because we understand the importance of futureproofing our business. It’s thanks to this foresight, here at OceanWeb HQ, it’s been (almost) business as usual!
We have great relationships with our global partners, and this has helped us to continue providing top-class service, advice, and technical support. The video below shows just one of the ways in which we’ve achieved this goal. Working with our partners, Speedcast, we commissioned a new VSAT installation for one of our clients in Australia in the middle of a pandemic.
When one of our clients got in touch to ask us about a VSAT commission, we contacted Speecast as we knew they had field engineers based in Australia. They sent an Engineer to Cairns to carry out the commission and attend sea trials. Although our Island is currently Covid free, our borders remain closed and so our engineers are unable to travel. Thanks to our remote working capabilities, we have been able to continue to support our clients as usual.