High availability Kerio

Jul 25, 2019 | News

OceanWeb can now offer high availability Kerio units.

The high availability fail-over protection eliminates the risk and cost of lost connectivity and threat-protection downtime. With high availability, if a crash or failure occurs, the second (slave) Kerio Control machine will jump into action immediately. As a result, you will be consistently connected with no downtime.

There are three stages to this:

1. Acquire and install the second, same Kerio Control appliance. The hardware cost is lower as a single software license for your current Kerio will cover the two pieces of hardware.

2. Our engineers will then configure the second device as a clone of the active one.

3. Once configured, the two devices connect through a synchronisation port and all rules and routing are replicated and kept up-to-date between them.

You need a new NG500/NG300 HA Appliance (with Kerio Control Version 9.3 or newer) and also need a managed switch to manage the off vessel connections. We can advise on a managed switch to suit your requirements.

For more information, please call +44 1624 834904 or email info@oceanweb.com.

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