Malta Leasing

As you may be aware, the Maltese Leasing Scheme was recently closed down following infraction proceedings with the EU Commission.

The Malta VAT department have since issued a new set of guidelines on leasing and announced two conditions which must be met:

  1. The beginning and end of the lease must be in Malta
  2. The Lessor must maintain adequate and appropriate records to demonstrate effective use and enjoyment when sailing both inside & out of EU waters


OceanTracker is a new tracking platform developed in house, which uses software that is currently in use on over 10,000 vessels worldwide. The service is based on AIS as well as an InmarsatC terminal (if fitted).

The AIS tracking information is obtained from terrestrial sources and satellites, which means reports can be created as often as every few minutes. The SatC tracking information provides an additional four positional reports per day to back up the AIS feeds. Both the AIS and SatC polling are extremely accurate. The positional information can be exported as a CSV file showing all positional data relating to the vessel. Or, alternatively, to Google Maps, which provides a visual report of the vessel’s movements.

Included in this service, you’ll receive a unique log in to our secure system. We can also set up an automated email positioning report, which will provide you with location notifications at intervals determined by your individual needs. This makes OceanTracker the perfect platform for meeting the new Malta leasing guidelines.

We charge a £250 fee for set up, with ongoing services charged at £75 per calendar month (volume discounts are available). This includes the 4 x SatC polls per day, unlimited Satellite AIS polls and comprehensive support for this tracking platform. If you would like to learn more, please email