Why remote IT services are right for your vessel

Mar 17, 2021 | Blog

Remote IT services are becoming increasingly popular now we’re relying increasingly on digital communications, both on land and at sea. Trusting independent IT suppliers to manage your yacht’s networks, hardware, and software comes with a huge array of advantages. Everything from saving money and time to increased staffing flexibility, and a heightened experience for your guests.

Seek out professionals

IT professionals put incredible hours into keeping up with industry advances and training – not to mention researching emerging technologies so they can offer the best advice to their clients. In a fast-paced industry, this ongoing research and training can be extremely time-consuming. Consider the costs of keeping ETOs up to date with the newest onboard technology and upgrades installed during layup. Now multiply that by the vast spectrum of disciplines that fall under the term “information technology” and the picture emerges.  This includes everything from cybersecurity, networking, patch management, and troubleshooting to diagnostics, hardware, software, email management, website builds, and server maintenance…the list feels endless.

Remote IT services
Remote IT services
Remote IT services

Onboard experience

By employing remote IT support, not only do you have an entire team of IT professionals at your disposal, but you can also channel the savings on staff training towards onboard operations. This, in turn, makes sure your guests are getting the best possible experience.

When at sea, you want the peace of mind that when something goes wrong there’s somebody there to find the solution for you as quickly as possible. And the best suppliers will offer proactive remote monitoring of your onboard systems. This ensures they can identify and address issues even before your guests have noticed.

With a team of certified engineers offering comprehensive support, the team here at OceanWeb can provide real time virtual support guaranteed to improve fault-finding and maintenance operations.

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